Students beginning their work in bioinformatics face a daunting task: to become familiar with topics from cell biology to statistical data analysis and algorithms for pattern discovery. Furthermore, they need to become familiar with the state of the art and the open problems, as well as the big questions, in this fast growing and changing field. Also, they are expected to know what tools, and datasets, are out there.

This is intimidating for any student, but there are ways to ease this burden. The first one: keep an eye on what is going on, read at least the introduction of any article you find in the field, especially from good journals like Nature, Science, PNAS, and the like. Also: keep an eye on the main conferences, and be aware of the main tools that are available, so that you so not need to reinvent the wheel.

How to do this? Check this page often: here we will add pointers to journals, conferences, tools. Also remember to check the News page, where we automatically gather the latest headlines from this field.